From Somalia to Sápmi
and everything in between

Multiling AB

“There are no such thing as everlasting peace. No, peace has to be reconquered piece by piece.”

- Fritz Sprung, Founder of Multiling AB

Multiling AB

Multiling is a company with the strong belief that people, who receives the opportunity to develop themselves in the society they live in, will also strive to live in peace with their fellow citizens. This is why Multiling has implemented processes and methods that empowers and increase possibilities for those who choose to take part in them. One might call the vision of Multiling a Utopia. A vision that has driven Multling to, during the last nine years, expand their knowledge in terms of creating ideas as well as managing and financing projects to develop communities and implement peacemaking processes. Multiling is happy to cooperate with organizations and people, also willing to contribute to a healthy and more safe world for us to live in. Perhaps you are one of our future partners?


Multiling works either as a companion partly or during the whole process.
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There is no question that's too big or small to be asked.